Why you should plan your social media content in advance

Why you should plan your social media content in advance. Digital agency Geelong.

Why you should plan your social media content in advance

When it comes to marketing it pays to be strategic. And, being strategic means having a plan. And having a plan means thinking things through in advance. And, sure, we all wonder when we’ll have time to plan in advance – but believe us, a little advance planning goes a long way. Keep reading for the whys and hows of social media content planning.

Key benefits of scheduling your social media

Work smarter, not harder, and alleviate stress later on:

  • Target your audience at a time relevant to THEM – not to when you suddenly remember to post!
  • Be active online, even when you’re not physically available.
  • Save time in the long run by planning weeks or months in advance.
  • Write content when you feel creative. When you’re in the flow, you’ll know!
  • Avoid repetition – if you’ve got a month’s worth of posts in front of you, you can scan through them quickly to avoid double-ups (versus scattershot posts on random days that could well feature that very same croissant we saw last week!)

Top social-media scheduling tips

We know SMBs don’t have a lot of time to set aside for social media implementation, but if you give yourself a strategic base to start from, soon your social-media strategy will be soaring sky-high:

  • Know your audience. If you’ve always got your target market top of your mind, every post will flow that much easier.
  • Set out an annual calendar. Think of the key dates, events, seasons and activities that are relevant to your business – then break your calendar down into months or fortnights to plan and schedule your posts.
  • Build a library of inspo images. A picture is worth 1000 words, and a folder full of great pictures will help you to write even more words to accompany them!
  • Fill a notebook with inspo ideas. Whether you tap them into your phone or go old school with pen and paper – don’t lose those flashes of inspiration. Note them down in the moment, ready to be fleshed out later.
  • Get your team involved. A quick brainstorming session can yield incredible results when everyone starts to bounce around ideas. Copy them all down and you’ll have reams of post-worthy material.

Remember: planning doesn’t preclude social media improvisation

Just because you’re organised, doesn’t mean you can’t also leap outside the box. Indeed, if you’ve got your month’s posts already down pat, you may have more energy for flashes of inspiration – whether they’re on-the-spot posts, stories or reels. You’ll also have more day-to-day time to engage with your followers – and that’s what social media is really all about, right?

Get in touch with a pro digital marketing agency

Tried these tips and still feel like you’re floundering? If you don’t have the time your socials deserve, contact the team at VDM – Social Media Management is available as part of our innovative retainer service package options (and we love getting our teeth into new text!).