Viewpoint Digital Media is a leading digital marketing agency in Geelong and Melbourne. We recognise that every client’s journey is unique, like a squiggly line representing the dynamic paths leading to success.

Guided by determination, empathy, curiosity, and progressiveness, we craft bespoke, narrative-driven digital marketing strategies that go beyond mere promotion to forge authentic connections and build communities around your brand.

Our cross-industry expertise ranges from automotive and airports to e-commerce and healthcare, ensuring tailored, data-backed strategies that yield success.


Partnering with us means accessing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services dedicated to elevating your brand’s online visibility and driving tangible outcomes. Embrace the journey with us, knowing that no strategy follows a straight line, but together, we’ll navigate the path to your success.

Dominique Ho
CEO / Digital Marketing Specialist
Regan Bell
Client Services Manager
Crystal Bruce
Production Manager
Matt Allen
Digital Marketing Strategist
tim (2)
Tim Lamont
Website Developer
Khadija Besancon
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Peter Lamont
Media Producer
Mel Madrid
Digital Marketing Specialist
Mark Vale
Graphic Designer
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