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How did we get here?

A little company we named Viewpoint Digital Media...

Viewpoint Digital Media is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Greg and Dominique, based in the beautiful Ocean Grove in Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula. We offer digital media services including search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media management and content writing as well as videography, photography and post-production services.

So how did we get here?

It all started in a beer-soaked St Kilda bar, managed by Greg and frequented by Dominique and her workmates as their post-shift watering hole of choice. Greg’s poor attempts at bottle flaring caught Dominique’s eye and it was game over for their bachelor/ette lifestyles.

Fast-forward a dozen years, a wedding, a home, a beautiful daughter, an energetic dog, a few (questionable) hairstyles and our happy little family was now living in Melbourne’s West. Dominique was running a successful digital marketing, web development and hosting business with her brother. Her focus being on getting businesses noticed and attracting attention using her skills in “black magic” – AKA Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising and Social Media management – for clients in various fields and services across the country.

Meanwhile Greg was working as a videographer, photographer and writer for a sports travel company in Melbourne. His work taking him across Australia and the globe to film and photograph amazing events ranging from the Rugby World Cup to the Australian Open to the Isle of Man TT. On top of this, Greg was working to further hone his craft, moonlighting as a camera operator for Handmade Films Australia under the mentorship of award-winning filmmaker, Peter Lamont.

But it was time for a change, a new start. We had dreamt about living the coastal lifestyle for about as long as we’d been together. But it was a long-term plan, maybe something we could achieve in the next 10 years. Then one day, we asked ourselves, “What’s stopping us from doing it now? Neither of us have to be in Melbourne to continue our careers. In fact, we could each work just about anywhere!”.  So, in what feels like the space of a couple of weeks, we sold our home, packed up our lives and moved to Ocean Grove, our favourite seaside town.

Over the following months, we slowly started to put our plans in motion to create our own business, combining our crafts into a single digital marketing and media service. Kicking it off from their Ocean Grove kitchen table in November 2017 to renting an office with 9 staff members in tow now, Dominique and Greg’s infectious enthusiasm for helping local Geelong and Bellarine businesses achieve online success is spreading.