Digital Marketing Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Business

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Digital Marketing Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Business

When starting your business, there are always a million and one things to consider. You’ve conducted all of your market research, drafted a business plan, registered the name, and sorted your Australian Business Number (ABN); but there’s one thing missing. Your digital marketing strategy! 

Branding for your business

Creating an online presence for your company is important. It develops brand awareness, builds customer relationships, allows for a greater reach of your target market, generates traffic and ultimately turns all these leads into sales.

So, now you know why having an online presence is important. Let’s delve into how to create a digital marketing strategy for your biz.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is a starting point to creating a strong brand and reaching your long-term goals. Once you’ve set out your brand strategy, it will define the purpose of your business and tell your audience what you’re all about and how you want your brand to be perceived.  

Things to include in your brand strategy:

·  Your ‘Why’ – aka your reason for being in business! Include your mission, vision, values and purpose.

·  Messaging – the personality and voice you want your brand or company to have.

·  Visual Identity – Logo, colours and imagery.

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Behind every great brand is an effective digital marketing strategy!

Now that you have created your brand strategy, it’s time to implement it. That means putting it out there in the universe people! 

Web Design

Did you know that 81% of potential buyers visit a brand’s website whilst conducting their initial research? This means your website will give a client its first impression of your brand, and we know how important first impressions can be!

An effective website generates traffic, boosts brand awareness, and gives your brand credibility by building trust with your audience.

Important factors in your web design include:

  • Contact information for your clients to get in touch
  • Location and Opening hours 
  • What you do – Be sure to show off your product or service!

And most importantly is making sure your website is search engine optimised (aka SEO mastery). This will make your website more visible and convert these visits into sales!

Graphic Design

You’ve sketched out the hundreds of drafts of your logo and played around with a few different colour schemes, and now it is time to pick one.

Your branding is the basis of your marketing campaigns and an opportunity to show your clients what your brand is all about. This is why investing in it from the beginning is so important.

Good graphic design creates visual consistency amongst your platforms to effectively convey your brand’s strategy and create brand recognition, regardless of the app your clients use.

Social Media Marketing

There’s no escaping the rise of social media over the last few years. Whether it be that new trend on Instagram, the song you can’t get out of your head from TikTok or your mum’s holiday photo on Facebook, it’s everywhere. And for a good reason.

The average online user spends approximately 2 hours a day on social media over an average of 7.5 different platforms. That’s a lot of time for users to be exposed to your brand. Also, why an effective social media strategy falls across multiple platforms.

After Google, social media is the second most popular search engine for finding brands online. That’s why making sure you’re reaching the right audience, having your socials up to date and posting consistently are key to making sure that new visitors stick around.

Photography and Videography

You’ve opened up Instagram on your phone, and the first thing you see is a photo of the new burger from your favourite takeaway place. The bun is perfectly round, the tomato looks juicy, the cheese is melting down the side, and it has the perfect lettuce–to–meat ratio. You’re instantly hungry. 

That’s the advantage of using high-quality, professional photos. You’ll capture your audience’s attention, increase engagement, establish credibility, and of course, get people wanting what you’ve got!

Digital Marketing Strategy Solution in Ocean Grove

If you’re still unsure how to leverage your digital marketing strategy for your brand, get in touch with the team at Viewpoint Digital Media on the Bellarine to get your brand strategy underway and your digital marketing problems solved!