3 secrets to making sure your digital marketing messages gets to your audience 

Digital Markeing Messages

3 secrets to making sure your digital marketing messages gets to your audience 

You post consistently on social media! Your send out super informative emails! You have the prettiest website! You are a digital marketing master! But what’s the message your putting out to your audience? Is it relevant for your audience? Is it simple or complex? Do you think your customers and clients are even listening to your digital marketing messages?

Cut through the noise and make sure your customers hear your marketing messages

If we force customers and clients to think too hard about what it is we do and services we provide, they’ll move right along. You need to cut through the noise, dial in your message, and clarify your brand! 

Get clear so your customers understand you and your services

So, how do you do this in your businesses? Well there are a few key things you can do make sure your clients and customers find you online and hear your marketing messages. 

1/ Cut the fluff… Tell your customers what you do and who you serve in clear straightforward terms.

2/ Share how you can solve your customer’s pain points. Discuss their current problems and guide them towards the solution…your product or service!

3/ Guide them into working with you by being clear with your call-to-actions (CTAs). Tell your audience exactly what steps they need to take to work with you or buy your product.

And then, show them the magic behind your brand… aka why they should pick your services or products over your competitors!

To sum it up, get clear on what it is you do and how you serve your clients. Translate this into the words you choose when speaking to them. Use your brand imagery (if you don’t have any, reach out to our VDM team for some graphics!) to tie it together and share your story and what sets you apart from your competitors using your digital marketing channels. 

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to search engine optimising your website, creating electronic direct mailing, when to the best time is to post on social media reach out to the digital marketing team in Ocean Grove. 


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Book your digital marketing strategy session to unpack your business goals so we can get you from A to B. After the digital marketing strategy session our team will collaborate to determine the best way to get your brand story out into the ether and give you a detailed Strategy Report outlining the how. 

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