Seven tips for website optimisation

website optimisation

Seven tips for website optimisation

Obviously, you want your website to be first-class, top-notch, pick of the bunch. But how? Well – let’s talk a little bit about website optimisation – the simple stuff you can do to make your site quick and easy to find, load and navigate.

Here are seven quick-win approaches to improving your business’ website, increasing your site traffic and upping conversions:

1. Internal links

Three cheers for these babies! Internal links – those connections between one page of your website and another – not only keep people on your site for longer and make it easy for them to find what they need, they’re also SEO stars. With descriptive anchor text, internal links can help Google understand and better rank your site.

2. Social media links

Links to your Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn (or social media of your choice!) let people see more of your business online without having to search for the correct pages. And (please!!) make sure the links are correct and working. There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking a social media icon and not being taken…anywhere.

3. Calls to action

Calls to Action, or CTAs are the buttons or links on your site that help turn prospective customers into definite leads or conversions. CTAs may take people through to your contact page, assist them to make a reservation or compel them to buy online.

4. SEO KISS – Keep it simple, stupid!

Whether you have one page or 20, keep the content easy to follow and easy to navigate. Consumers are drawn to businesses they like and that they can relate to – not to those that take them down a rabbit hole of random links to content they don’t need.

5.  SEO ‘RRR’ – Review and Refresh Regularly

Your content reflects your business, so if your website content is old and out of date, how does that look? Optimising your site is a continuous process – not a set-and-forget one-off task. Keeping your website updated is also a means of showing Google you’re an authority in your industry – building your website rankings in the process.

6. Make your site easy to find

Just as you should link outwards to your social media sites, so too should you link back from those places to your website. And don’t forget to keep your Google business page up-to-the-minute as well.

7. Speed up your loading times

When it comes to website loading times, fast is best, super fast is even better! Keep your pages lean and mean by minimising extra spaces, line breaks and indentations, reduce image sizes and choose the right site hosting for your needs.

Contact VDM: your local digital marketing agency

These website optimisation strategies are great, but if you need your website to be kicking goals asap, and you don’t have the time or desire to DIY it, NOW is the time to contact the experienced team at Viewpoint Digital Media. We offer SEO optimisation and website management as integral parts of our retainer service package options, so reach out to discover how VDM can help your business win (and keep on winning) the www. race.