Pros and Cons of using AI text generators to draft your website

AI Text Generators

Pros and Cons of using AI text generators to draft your website

AI-driven algorithms can be useful for optimising certain aspects of a website and creating unique content. But it is important to remember that AI text generators are not perfect. 


Is it better to use an AI text generator or a human to draft content?

AI text generator programs such as Chat GBT and other apps may take shortcuts or ignore certain elements that could affect search engine rankings. 

For example, AI algorithms may prioritise keyword density above user experience and content quality. This means that if organisations rely too heavily on AI text generators instead of developing organic SEO strategies, their ranking could suffer.


Can Google detect AI text-generated content?

Let’s remember Google has its own AI program, so it should be no surprise that it can detect AI content. The search engine uses an algorithm to recognise when a web page has been created using artificial intelligence. 

Google’s algorithm can identify the usage of certain words and phrases that are associated with AI-generated content. If a website contains too many of these keywords or phrases, it’s flagged by Google as potentially spammy and won’t be included in its search results! 

And if a website appears to have been created almost entirely by a machine, it may also be excluded from appearing on Google’s results pages. So, think before using an AI text generator to create your content. 


Will my business rank in Google search results if I use AI-generated content?

It is important for businesses to have a strong understanding of both the opportunities and risks involved with AI-driven algorithms to find success in SEO. By combining the advantages of AI with organic SEO tactics, businesses can optimise their search engine rankings and ensure that as many potential customers see their websites as possible. 

Therefore, to ensure that your content is seen by as many people as possible, create engaging and original content without relying heavily on AI text generators. Doing so will help you avoid any potential issues with Google’s algorithms. 


Should I optimise my SEO or use artificial intelligence?

While AI can offer great benefits to organisations looking to optimise their search engine rankings, it is important to remember that some drawbacks need to be considered when utilising this technology. Businesses should use AI carefully and supplement their approaches with organic SEO efforts to achieve the best possible results.  

With the right approach, businesses can leverage AI-generated text to boost their search engine rankings and get ahead of the competition.  


SEO/Search engine optimised content from the pros

If you don’t have an SEO strategy, chances are your business will not be found on Google. So before you dive in to decide whether to use AI-generated text or not, take a step back and figure out your SEO strategy to get found by the right people. And, of course, if you need help with your SEO strategy, creating keyword-rich content or optimising your website, call us on 0432 049 330 or email [email protected]