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Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of attracting more viewers to a website or web page through a search engine’s “natural” unpaid search results. By strengthening your SEO, it allows people to find you using keyword phrases when they are searching for a product or service.

If you don’t have an SEO strategy, then chances are your business won’t be found in a search result which means potential leads, sales, conversions and future customers are going straight to your competition.

SEO Strategy

Our strategy is to employ a variety of tactics that ensures a defensible stronghold on your organic rankings and results. We start off by identifying keywords that strongly represent your brand/ business. Next, we optimise each page of your website to include your previously identified keywords as well as set up tracking of your desired objectives and goals.

SEO Management

Search Engine Optimisation is not a light switch. It’s not a machine that will just keep chugging away, delivering results. It’s more like a windup toy – if you don’t maintain it and constantly improve and ultimately give it tender loving care, it’ll run out of steam. Which is why our final step in our strategy is to monitor and analyse the performance while making minor changes to improve/maintain your SEO ranking.

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