Online Marketing or Offline Marketing – which should I use?

Online marketing

Online Marketing or Offline Marketing – which should I use?

There are two main types of marketing – online marketing and offline marketing. There are advantages and disadvantages to both forms of marketing. Therefore, it’s important to understand the difference between them before deciding which is right for your business. 

Both online and offline marketing has unique strategies and techniques that can be used to promote a brand, product, or service. Businesses need to understand the difference between the two to create an effective marketing strategy to reach their target audience. 

Let’s map out the key differences between online and offline marketing!

Online Marketing

Online marketing is any marketing that takes place online through a website, social media, email, or even online ads. One advantage of online marketing is that it can reach a targeted audience at all different times of the day. Online marketing can also be changed, started or ended quickly. Furthermore, costs can be managed daily, and metrics of these efforts can be tracked. One important disadvantage to consider is there is a lot of competition in the online space. Therefore, capturing your audience’s attention can be tricky if you don’t have a plan and plenty of content to work with.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing, as you probably guessed, is any type of marketing that doesn’t take place online. This can include things like print ads, brochures, television commercials, radio ads, events and even face-to-face interactions. The big advantage of offline marketing is that it allows businesses to reach a wide variety of people with their message – which is great for brand awareness. However, the downsides are that offline marketing can be much more expensive than online marketing. Offline marketing often appears in front of people who are not actually your target audience. Plus, offline marketing can be difficult to track the results.

So, which technique is right for you? 

The simple answer in most cases is… both! 

We believe in looking at the whole marketing landscape at Viewpoint Digital Media. As mentioned; both online and offline techniques are valuable. Therefore, a strategy that embraces both allows for greater opportunities to connect with your audience. 
Now that you know the difference between online and offline marketing, you can start to create a marketing strategy that will work for your business! If you need help getting started, contact our digital marketing agency in Ocean Grove. We will be able to help you create an effective plan that will reach your target audience and help you achieve your goals.