How To Hire Online

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How To Hire Online

How To Hire Online

In our last blog we discussed the benefits of an employer brand and how investing in your employer brand can go a long way in employee recruitment and retention – if you missed it, pause, click here, give it a read, then rejoin us!

Find employees online

Once you lock in your employer brand it’s time to leverage it to recruit new employees.

Remember when flicking to the classifieds section of the newspaper was the way to go when it came to finding a job? With the ever growing digital world, those days are, dare we say it, long gone. Instead, we’re inundated with countless ways digitally to find a new career. Take advantage of the internet and various social media platforms for recruiting and to find new employees. 

As an employer, the possibilities of finding new talent is near endless and that can make the process very overwhelming; from actively seeking employees with paid job ads on Seek, Indeed, Facebook… the list goes on. 

Before long you’ll find the perfect fit… 

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The Godfather (1972)

However, let’s keep going. It’s important to realise, that not only are there several avenues available to find new employees but it’s highly worth utilising more than one of them. The worldwide web is exactly that – wide – so take full advantage of it.

Free options to find employees

There is literally nothing to lose when it comes to posting job opportunities on platforms that aren’t going to cost you a cent. Likewise, the more platforms you post on, the more exposure you’re going to receive.

So, what does this look like? Well, you can start with job hiring sites such as Jora and JobSearch, both of which offer free job postings. Then look a little closer to home. If you’ve got a website (which every business should most definitely have), use it! You can either post your vacant job position on your blog page or have a dedicated careers page on your site.

The latter is a great idea to have; even if you don’t have any vacant positions, having the option for potential talent to reach out to you is so valuable. 

If you’re feeling a little unsure of how to set this up on your website, don’t fret. The VDM team is available to help, from creating a website page to getting creative with copywriting for your ad if you need it.

Don’t forget about your social media

It’s probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to advertising job opportunities but it most definitely should be for a multitude of reasons. 

  1. It’s free – therefore it’s reducing your cost of hire.
  2. Brand followers – your audience is most likely interested in your brand or company as they follow you. And no doubt if they’re on socials they’re going to be tech-savvy (a much-desired skill these days).
  3. Sharing – your follower ‘Sally’ may not be interested in the job position, but she may have a friend who is the perfect candidate. She’ll share the opportunity increasing the job visibility (and brand awareness!).
  4. Passive candidates – if you advertise solely on job sites, you’re only targeting those actively seeking a new role. Advertising on your social media allows you to expand your pool of potential applicants to those who may not even realise they’re interested in changing jobs until they’ve seen your ad.
  5. Brand awareness – it’s a great way to showcase your company’s values and culture for potential new employees.

Social media platforms to advertise on

How many social platforms is your business on? Whether it’s just Facebook or you’ve got the works (we’re talking Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, the whole shabang!) use every platform. If you solely advertise on the ‘gram, you’ve got to consider the possibility that not every person that follows your Facebook or LinkedIn page also follows your Instagram account, so cover all bases to avoid missing prospective employees. 

Things to remember when advertising on social media

  • Keep your branding consistent. Don’t go off book and try out a new font or funky colour scheme, stick with what you know. Not only is it going to keep your posts looking uniform, it’s also going to help your followers recognise you.
  • Try to keep your posts as simple yet informative as possible. You have a short time to catch someone’s attention on social media; don’t caption your post with an essay because nine times out of ten, they’re just going to scroll past; do make sure you include all relevant details though – for example job description, hours, location, pay rate, how to apply.
  • Consider using videography to advertise your job position. Videos are a great way to connect with your audience and will help build your employer brand. Not to mention, at the moment, the algorithm on social media favours videos – you’re likely to get better engagement, show higher up on feeds and have better exposure.

Let us help advertise your business strategically

Looking to recruit but don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of trying to advertise across numerous platforms? Reach out to the team at Viewpoint Digital Media who are skilled at using the internet to help your business grow