5 reasons why you should use Google Ads

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5 reasons why you should use Google Ads

As a business owner, you may have asked yourself, “Do I need to use Google Ads?” These days “Googling” something has become as commonplace in our day to to day lives as making a cuppa. 

There are plenty of big benefits to utilising Google ads; here are 5 benefits to improve your business’s online presence.

1. Google’s massive reach

When people have a question that needs answering, their first stop is usually Google. Want to know if there’s a solution for that back pain you’ve been having? Google it! Want to find out information about a local business? Google it! If your business isn’t Google-able, people either won’t find you or will think your business lacks credibility. 

2. Capabilities that allow for a range of targeting

With Google, there’s something for every business and every prospect at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Google ads allow you to bid on “broad match” keyword search terms which allows you to target a really wide audience which can be very helpful at the beginning of your campaign when trying to understand where and who your audience is. Alternatively, you can choose very specific targeted keywords to bid on when trying to focus specifically on one demographic or location.

3. Harness intent

The biggest difference between the people you’re reaching with Google Ads and those you’re reaching with other forms of advertising is their intent. When your ad appears, it helps them find the answer instead of interrupting or detracting from their online browsing experience. 

4. Google Ads take up real estate in a search result 

If you’re ranking in an organic search result but not quite as high as you would like, then Google Ads is a great way to take up more real estate in a search result. The more placements you have in a search result, the fewer your competitors have! 

5. Google Ads are measurable 

Google makes everything straightforward and easy to understand. Find out basic metrics like clicks, impressions, keywords, budget, etc., or get even more granular with a Google Analytics integration. It allows you to see exactly how visitors behave on your website — right down to what they clicked, where they went next, and how long they spent there.

So, as you can see, advertising on Google can be incredibly valuable. But, before you throw a stack of money at it, you’ll need a strategy and a plan, so your efforts and money don’t get wasted. Reach out to the VDM team, we’d love to help you! Give us a call on 0432 049 330 or reach out via our Connect With Us page and let’s get to work!