Tips For A Professional (And Flattering!) Headshot

professional headshot

Tips For A Professional (And Flattering!) Headshot

Professional headshots don’t have to be terrifying! Your headshots will look stylish, professional, and flattering with some simple tricks and tips. 

Things to do before your headshot

First, before we go any further, whatever you do, do NOT go overboard and make significant changes before you come in for a headshot. Don’t dye your hair a new colour; try a bright new lipstick or get new glasses. You can get a haircut, dye your hair (your typical colour) or whiten your teeth but remember everything in moderation. The goal is to look like you, not someone else.  

Best clothes for a professional headshot

When selecting your clothes for your photoshoot, choose something professional looking that you feel comfortable in. If you have a business branded shirt, that is a great option. However, a simple dress shirt works well. 

Collared shirts tend to look great on everyone. Avoid wearing sleeveless tops, and aim for a simple, classic, timeless look. The best bet is to select clothes that work with your business branding or personal style that make you feel confident and comfortable. And make sure it is clean and ironed on the day! 

The best clothing colours for photoshoots

Choosing the right colour of clothing for your headshot can be daunting. As experienced photographers in Ocean Grove, we have a couple of suggestions:

  • Wear a shirt or jacket a shade or two darker than your skin tone.
  • Bright colours are fine, but be careful how bright they are as they may detract from the focus of the image – your face!
  • Speak to your professional photographer if you plan to wear white. Often backdrops are white, so your white shirt may wash you out. However, wearing a white shirt under a coloured jacket is always classic.
  • Shirts and jackets with tight grid-like patterns, such as herringbone or fine stripes, can look fuzzy, so they are best avoided. 

Finally, be careful about your jewellery choices. Opt for classic and small accessories that won’t draw too much attention away from your face. 

Hair and make up tips for headshots

Ah, your face – the true focus of your photo. Ideally, your face and hair should be as natural as possible. You don’t have to have a makeup artist or hairdresser style you for your shoot! Follow your typical daily routine for hair and makeup to feel like yourself. 

If you choose to wear lipstick, a subtle colour is best to avoid drawing too much attention to your mouth. If you have facial hair trim it to a suitable length for you. And if you wear glasses, don’t forget to bring in a cleaning cloth to wipe away any smudge marks! If you want to lighten your teeth, go for it. However, know it is not a problem if you don’t. Just remember to clean your teeth before you arrive.

Professional photographers in Ocean Grove

Your headshot might be your first and only impression in our digital world. Give it your best ‘shot’. Smile, relax and enjoy as our professional photographer guides you through how to pose for the best headshot possible. 

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