Enjoy $100 Off Your 1-Hour Studio Photoshoot!

Enjoy $100 Off Your 1-Hour Studio Photoshoot!

Ocean Grove Photography Studio

To celebrate the launch of our new Ocean Grove Photography Studio we’re offering $100 OFF all 1-hour studio shoots - $495 down to $395! This is available from July 1st till July 30th, 2022 making it the perfect opportunity to kick off the new financial year! #heckyeah 🤙 You may like to have a:

1. New headshot - don’t be put off by the headshot—it’s a really beautiful (and powerful) shot to capture. Mostly, it’s you looking at the camera with a simple background and all the focus on you. You can smile, or not. Laugh, or not. Look straight ahead, or not. There are plenty of ways to make the ol’ headshot more creative and uniquely you. It really depends on your brand and what you’re trying to communicate.

2. ‘Doing’ shot - This shot? It’s the one that represents your day-to-day work vibes. That could be sitting at the computer (bring a laptop, if you need this one), taking a selfie on your phone (because Stories are where it’s at, right?) collaborating with others (you may like to bring a pal) or bring along a product you offer if it's relevant.

3. ‘Lifestyle’ shot – You know how people love to get to know the person behind the brand? You might want to capture some shots that depict you when you’re not working. With your dog? Meditating? Doing pilates? Throwing confetti? Eating an ice cream? Sipping cocktails or coffee, With your partner? – You’re welcome to bring all the above to the studio!

4. ‘Details’ shot – Ah the details, one of our favourites. These shots capture meaningful and relevant objects connected to you and your brand. It may or may not have you in it. That’s right, you don’t have to be in *every* shot in a branding photoshoot.

So, what’s next? Book yourself a 30min pre studio photoshoot chat HERE. Then we can discuss your shoot style, and dates and answer any questions you may have. Click here to check out our recent work and the other styles of commercial photography we do!