Lifeline 135 Corporate Dash in Geelong

Lifeline 135 Corporate Dash in Geelong

Our Viewpoint Digital Media, CEO, Dominique is excited to participate in this fantastic opportunity in support of Lifeline Geelong & South West Victoria through the 135 Corporate Dash! 

This exhilarating event brings our region’s business leaders, CEOs, and passionate mental health advocates together for a lively 135-metre sprint at Geelong Racing Club. The race symbolises the powerful impact that each one of us can have on the lives of those affected by suicide, as 135 represents the number of people directly impacted by such a tragic loss.

Come along, cheer her on as well as other bosses, CEOs, or inspiring business leaders who are participating in the race and raising funds for this incredible cause. By donating to our fundraising pages, you’ll help create a future where our community is better equipped to prevent suicide and provide vital support to those in need.

Let’s show our compassion, leadership, and dedication to creating a suicide-free Australia by coming together for the 135 Corporate Dash! Your donation will contribute to essential services and projects in Geelong and South West Victoria, making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Donate to Dom’s page here: 

Thank you for your kindness and support! 

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