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Google My Business: The Christmas change all businesses need to make

Regan shares the latest updates regarding Google My Business due to roll out in 2022 that will affect local Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast businesses!

In early November Google announced that Google My Business was being renamed Google Business Profile. What does this mean for business owners around the Bellarine you may ask? Well, it’s now easier than ever before to update your Google Business Profile! 

Update your Google My Business Profile from Search

The option to edit, verify and resolve issues with your Google Business Profile using Search has quietly been around for months. Good ol’ Google was letting users try it out but now its been officially released to the masses. 

If you are wondering how to update your profile via Search it is simple:

  • Go to
  • Log into the Gmail account you use for your business using those dots icon at the top right of the page. (Note: If you don’t have a Gmail account for your business you need to create one)
  • Search for your business in the Google search bar. 
  • Click on the pen beside Edit business information on the right-hand side or edit directly from the Business Profile that pops up.
  • Voila you’re ready to go!

What to put on your Google My Business

Contact deets

Most importantly, your contact phone number, website address and physical company address need to be correct. 

Trading hours

Second, focus on your trading hours. According to Google Customer Barometer, 40% of searches are for trading hours!  So it comes as no surprise that your profile is often the first place people look to confirm your hours before they jump over to your website to look.  

Images, images, images

Third, we bang on about this often so hopefully you are listening – images sell! Upload a photo of your business exterior or signage – it can act as a wayfinder for those searching for your business in person. 

And did you know you can upload a few photos of your products or services? It’s fairly straightforward and can really help your business be found in a google search no matter if you are in a niche market or a broad market like digital marketing in Geelong. 

Adding photos of your business, your products, services or people make your business authentic and personable. And people are loving authenticity nowadays.

Google reviews

Finally, as part of your profile, you may get reviews. One important thing people miss is responding to reviews! Whether they are positive or negative you need to acknowledge them. 

How to respond to negative Google reviews

If a Google review is negative you should respond by asking the individual to contact you or provide a solution to their issue. This shows potential customers that even though someone had a negative experience with your business, you as the business owner tried to rectify it as best as you could.

If a review is positive you can always say thank you or comment on what the individual said. It shows that you value customer service and take the time to respond. 

All right, now we know how and what we should update on our Google Business Profile. Let’s look at the why.

Why use Google Business Profiles?

According to Iposos Reid Research, an up-to-date Google Business Profile typically gets 7 times the clicks than a non-optimised profile. And if those clicks are 50% more likely to result in a service or product purchase from your business and 70% more likely to get people in the door.

So if you want to get found a Google Business Profile is the way to go.

Get in touch if you need assistant navigating your way through it!