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The free tool you need to be using on Instagram

When you think of Instagram, what comes to mind? 

Perhaps it’s influencers talking about stuff they have no idea about? Maybe it’s makeup tutorials, funny wine memes, fail videos, or celeb gossip. Or perhaps it’s sunny beach scenes or our favourite surfing videos, or maybe it’s finding new cafes to try around your local area…

One of the most powerful and free marketing tools on the internet

Instagram has over 1.074 BILLION users worldwide in 2021 (eMarketer, 2020). And if that number doesn’t blow your mind this one will. In 2020, over 201,000 new people got on the ‘Gram every single day in 2020. That’s basically the entire city of Geelong getting on Instagram 

Are you on IG yet? Cause if you aren’t you better jump on.  

Get see on Insta

With over 1 billion people on Instagram, we guarantee that your audience is following the accounts they love, maybe even your competitors since you are nowhere to be found!

Instagram strategy 

The tricky thing is there’s not one catch-all strategy for every type of business on Instagram. It’s more than growing your following or getting likes, it’s understanding the platform’s algorithm is ever-evolving like every other digital marketing platform. 

An Instagram secret revealed 

The “ultimate secret sauce” to socials is when a brand or business engages with its followers; it leaves the audience wanting more and more. What is engagement? It’s responding to DM’s (direct messages aka your Insta “emails”), liking content, commenting on posts, and saving posts. 

Sometimes you may be tempted to tailor your social media brand strategy to how your followers are attracted to the content. And yes, while it is crucial, instead, let’s start to think about how anyone can find you on the Instagram platform

Explore on Insta

Besides actively engaging through comments and likes, start to focus on being showcased within the search bar and the Explore page of Instagram. It will reach a different audience based on the interest of the audience. 

Treat the Instagram search bar like you would any other search engine – #Googleit. Set up your business profile on Instagram accordingly with the right keywords for your industry. Add in your biz in the handle and your bio, and post regular content.

Assuming that people aren’t searching for your brand on Instagram directly, aim to meet them in the Search bar. Do this by applying keywords and SEO principles to your Instagram profile. As you reel in new users with epic pics and creative copy, build a strategy around the keywords you want to show up for in the Explore tab.

Moving forward, we recommend focusing on creating content around the hashtags/keywords that are relevant to your brand. That way you will show up in the Explore tab. 

Help me Rhonda! Help, help me Rhonda

If you are old enough to get that subtitle reference 👆 or your head is spinning from all this Insta information and you don’t know where to start, give the digital whiz kids at Viewpoint a buzz on 0432 049 330. We can sort your social media, wave our SEO magic wand or snap some dazzling product shots to hook your target market in so you get seen on socials.