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SEO & chocolate chip cookies – Why you need both.

Ok, we admit we are guilty – we throw the term SEO and search engine optimisation around just as much as the next digital agency. #sheepish 

However, we are here to explain the term SEO meaning and why it is SUPER DUPER important to use when writing website content and blogs. 

According to a study done by Ipsos MediaCT and Purchased, 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find information. 🤯

And with that in mind….. the number one reason search engine optimised content is important is simple – you will not rank in a search engine (aka Google or Bing) search without it.

What is SEO?

Yeah, yeah, you know everyone uses Google to search for stuff. What does that have to do with SEO, though? SEO means Search Engine Optimised. 

SEO is the practice of optimising content (words, images, videos) so search engines like Google, Bing find you or your business. 

Gotcha, now how is search engine optimisation similar to a chocolate chip cookie? 🍪

Chocolate chip cookies and search engine optimisation 

First, no one can live without SEO or chocolate chip cookies (well, at least the Viewpoint Digital Media team can’t!). 

Second, optimising your content, whether on your website, blog articles or social media pages, means customers will find you. Because, what is the point of offering exceptional services (or delicious cookies 🍪) if no one buys them?? 

While you may be selling the same cookies as your competitors, your ‘ingredients’ differentiate you. Think of it this way:

Your chocolate chip cookies taste better than your friend’s cookies, your competitor. You both have similar ingredients, follow a similar process to bake the cookies and probably have a similar selling process; however, that special ingredient or even the specific measurements of ingredients you use makes your cookie taste better. When you get the right mix of ingredients (SEO elements – more on that below), the correct measurements (mix of using search engine optimised web content, blogs, social media posts, etc.) and bake it all together (patience is needed for both) your business will soar to the top of the Google search results.

Read on to learn some of our not-so-secret SEO ingredients to success. 🤫

How do I optimise my content for a good search ranking?

You might think that search engine optimising your website or blog articles is simple; just mix in a couple of keywords like ‘best digital marketing agency’ 😜, sprinkle in some locations 📍 ‘Geelong, Surf Coast, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads or Bellarine Peninsula’ and add a dash of links to ☎️’contact us’ yet your search ranking doesn’t improve. 🤔 

You may need to tick some more SEO boxes to get into Google’s good graces. 

Elements of SEO

Ensuring to tick off all the SEO boxes while providing SEO’d content will help search engines understand what you are selling and to who so they pull up your site when a potential customer searches ‘best Geelong cookie’ or Ocean Grove choc chip cookies.

Your website content needs to be relevant, high-quality and regularly updated (👋hello monthly blogs) to not only bring in the customers you want but educate them to why you’re services, product or in this case recipe is better!

No one prefers stale, store-bought, on-the-shelves-for-weeks cookies versus homemade ones, right? Well, Google is the same; it wants fresh, new content regularly. 

So how do you serve up fresh content without rewriting your website every month? 

Try doing some of these SEO tips from one of our VDM writers:

🍪  Use informative titles and headers (i.e. Homemade Oatmeal Cookies – the secret ingredient you are missing, Step-by-step instructions for delicious oatmeal cookies)

🍪  Including personalised and labelled images or video 

🍪  Relevant backlinks (linking to relevant websites from trusted third-party sources in your field of work or companies you work with, like your local flour supplier)

🍪  Fill out HTML tags, title tags, and metadata – these are those hidden SEO elements only visible to search engines (aka your secret ingredients).

Get help to master the SEO ingredient mix for your business

If you need help to measure out the ingredients or find the secret ingredient for your website (or cookie), give the Ocean Grove based team at Viewpoint Digital Media a dingle

We will sit down over a cuppa (or cookie 🍪😜) and discuss your business’s digital marketing needs and goals, suggesting changes to your website, crafting some creative content to explain your work, or shooting some pics of your unique products.