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Effective Content Writing

Sharing is caring, so today we would like to share some tips for content writing for when you share your product, service, tips or education with your audience.   

Effective content writing actually begins before the actual act of typing! Yes, you read that right. Writing content begins before you even sit down to write. Today we share some inside tips we do here at Viewpoint Digital Media! 🤫

Get rid of distractions

This may sound simple, but rid yourself of anything that will distract you from your train of thought and writing. Clear your workspace, settle in with a coffee (or wine for those night owls), get comfy with your laptop on your couch or in your office—hone in on what helps you write and get rid of everything else. Consider turning off notifications for your phone, emails, and even close all the tabs on your computer except the ones you are using. While some people thrive in a cluttered workspace, for many of us, avoiding a cluttered workspace is key as it typically leads to cluttered thoughts. 

Night owl or early bird? 

Find your creative hours, and write within them. Sometimes our prime creative time is at night when the emails are quieter, the phone isn’t ringing, and the interruptions are few. Or you may be an early bird and like to write in the wee hours of the morning before the sun comes up. Without a doubt, writing during the time you are most creative will help you produce more quality writing in less time.

Outline your topics

At Viewpoint Digital Media along the Bellarine Peninsula and local to Geelong, we always start by outlining our topics and points to address whether we are writing social media posts, blogs or search engine optimised website content. Ensure you have topics and keywords you want to include in your content written out somewhere to refer to. This will help to simplify the writing process because it helps to organise your content strategy. 

Need inspiration?

Getting the creative juices flowing can be difficult some days even if you have decluttered and sat down during your prime creative time. Our new Creative Copywriter, Regan, has a couple of tricks she uses when she feels the dreaded writer’s block.

  • Look at some images online (Freepik and Pexels are great resources) to get some inspiration for the topic you are writing about.
  • Free Write about your topic. Write down your topic and allow yourself 3 minutes to write down WHATEVER comes to mind about that topic, not worrying about punctuation or spelling. You can also do this with images relating to your topic.
  • Get outside for some fresh air or do some quick exercises like jumping jacks to reset.
  • Or if you are interrupted by kids (as Regan is often) take five deep calming belly breaths with your eyes closed after each interruption and start again.

Ready, set, write! ✍🏻

Now for the nitty-gritty, you are decluttered, inspired, and your topics are written down. It is time to start drafting some content, but you still don’t know where to begin. Start at the beginning. 

Let’s use a blog as an example. Ninety-percent of the blogs we at Viewpoint Digital Media write follow the same formula:

  • Engaging intro
  • Statement about the struggle or issue you are up against (what the blog is about)
  • List of subtopics that offer solutions to the struggle
  • Conclusion

When writing, always remember to just get some content down in the first draft even if it is bullet points. You can rework, punctuate and add embellishments later, just put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard if you will) and write. If you are still feeling stuck, we suggest one of Regan’s tricks. 

Write out one sentence as your intro (the struggle you are trying to solve/what the blog is about), then write three subheadings (the solutions to the struggle) and then one sentence, to sum up, or answer how the struggle is resolved. See how we did it in this blog? 👇

Struggle: How do I write a blog or social media content?


  • Declutter
  • Determine my creative time
  • Outline my topics
  • Find inspiration


  • Follow the typical blog structure and just write even if it is bullet points to get content on the page. Rework the content in the second or third go-around.

Writing can be easy and fun, and it can be difficult and frustrating, which is why Viewpoint Digital Media offers various services, including one-on-one training sessions to help you with your social media and blog writing. And, we also offer full service social and blog writing services by our creative digital marketing team if you do not have the inclination or time to do your business writing yourself. Book a strategy session today to learn more.

Finally, read more and write more, and you’ll improve your craft dramatically within a short period. Staying focused and having a strategy as well as a purpose to your content is key! 

Sing out if you need some help as we know what it is like to write for all industries and services. Our digital marketing agency is located in Ocean Grove and loves helping the locals of the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong, Surf Coast, and surrounds. Contact us online or call 0432 049 330