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Photoshoot Ocean Grove


Tips and Tricks to remember

Consider the following tips to help you get the most out of your next business photoshoot and give you content that will last months to use for all your marketing and social media purposes. 


This is important to replicate the kind of profession you work in but also making sure you’re comfortable with what you wear so you feel amazing. If you are working for a corporate business you want to be wearing a suit. Alternatively if you have a small retail business you might want to consider wearing the clothes you sell and dressing smart casual. Depending on how much time you have in your photoshoot, it’s a great idea to pack multiple outfits so you can use a variety of photos throughout your social media channels that don’t look like that have been taken on the same day. It can be as easy as having three different shirts if the photos are from the waist up.


You want the location of your photoshoot to reflect the industry you work in. For a corporate company consider photos in your office, outdoors with your building as the background, brick walls etc. If you work in the health profession including physios, personal trainers, etc. you might want to consider having two locations on your shoot which could include your rooms, an outdoor park, or beach to show some more lifestyle photos as well as the area you work in. It’s great to consider your surroundings and places that are easy to get to from one another so you aren’t wasting your shoot time driving from A to B.


It’s really important to have some props to help with your photoshoot. This can also ease some nerves when it comes to getting photos and not knowing how to pose. If you have a phone, laptop, calculator or pen and notepad for example, this can help you get some candid/action shots without always looking at the camera. These photos are also awesome for content shots for your socials… win win!!

Hopefully these tips can help you rock your next photoshoot. If you are interested in having a photoshoot with the Viewpoint Digital Media team in Ocean Grove get in touch on 0432 049 330 or Contact Us online and we can create some magic together.