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Marketing vs Advertising

Even if you’re new to the digital marketing world or have been in the advertising biz for many years, you would have used the words “marketing” and “advertising” interchangeably. 

To be honest, these two concepts are actually quite different. They both involve one another and in many ways depend on one another, but they ARE actually different concepts that should really not be used synonymously, especially in the world of digital promotion.

Luckily, the two concepts aren’t all that difficult to understand. So, what are the similarities and differences between marketing and advertising in the context of online and digital business?

“Marketing is not advertising. Marketing is the story that you live, and identifying really clearly who it’s for” – Seth Godin

There are several other differences between marketing and advertising though…

Marketing is a process that includes different elements such as creation, research, design, planning, and data mining. 

All of this is done in an effort to understand how a business can properly align the concept of a product or service with the designated target audience for that brand. Marketing is useful because it helps brands define the actual product they want to sell even more than the actual product itself. A vast majority of businesses out there will utilize marketing in some form even it is WOM (word of mouth).

Advertising, on the other hand, is the actual process of making a brand’s product or service known to the target audience who was defined in the marketing process. Advertising can be seen as the description brands will use to present the product or service to the public. Advertising usually involves campaigns via media, and such campaigns will use creative positioning to improve product reach. 

So what are the main difference here? – let’s sum it up!

Marketing strategies need to be developed in order to bring a product or service to the market. 

Advertising is essentially a part of that marketing plan– as we said previously, the two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Other parts of marketing that work alongside advertising could include media planning, researching the market, public relations, distribution, sales strategy, pricing, and much more.

To put it simply, advertising gets “the word out” about a brand or perhaps one of its newest products or services. Marketing will involve the necessary research and analysis of the market in order to make more informed decisions about the creative side of the marketing plan, which almost always includes advertising.

So, are you ready to start your marketing strategy to advertise your product or service with the team at Viewpoint Digital Media