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Why branding colours matter!

The team at Viewpoint Digital Media local to Geelong believe in the importance of your business branding and how you are portrayed to your target market with the colours and design you choose. Today, we are going to share a few things to consider.

There are many things to consider when creating a colour palette for your business. To get started it’s a good idea to have a look first at a colour wheel and see what colours appeal to you the most. Are the colours that grab your attention the most aligning with your brand personality? Think about what these colours represent, for example, see the below colours and what they can evoke:

Yellow- happy, youthful, cheerful, positivity

Red- Powerful, love, passion, excitement, terror, fear and survival

Green- Stability, growth and connection to nature

Pink- Romantic, femininity, soft, understanding, nurturing

Grey- Neutrality, classic, serious, mature

White- Simplicity, cleanliness, pure, peace

Orange- Warmth, friendliness, motivation, and playfulness

Dark Blue- Professionalism, security, calmness

Black- Sophistication, serious, powerful, modern, luxurious

Light Blue- Tranquility, trust, calm down

Next, research your competitors and see what they use. Do you want to be similar or stand out from the crowd? Consider how you want to be perceived by your target market and in the marketplace. It’s good to start with 3 solid colours for your brand, including the base, an accent and a neutral. The base is the most important colour, which reflects your brand personality, and appeals to your target audience. The accent will be used the most after your base and should be paired well together.
For your neutral colour consider this to be used for backgrounds, and to avoid attention, e.g. whites, beiges, grey etc.  

You may be thinking where do I even start with choosing colours that go together…?

The colour wheel is your best friend! The following image outlines 4 different ways to choose your brand colour scheme. 

At Viewpoint Digital Media, in Ocean Grove, we are all about the aesthetics behind a brand. If you would like to discuss your current branding or looking to start a new business and feel stuck on the branding colours, please reach out to our team on 0432 049 330 or email [email protected]