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What are your values? How do you add value?

How do you offer value to your customers? How do you offer value to your employees? How does your business add value to your life? And what values do you follow to manage your business?

At VDM in Ocean Grove, we focus on values every day. We share common values as a team and provide as much value to our existing clients, new clients and even clients who are on the fence and might want everything but can’t commit financially just yet.

In digital marketing, we totally understand that information and marketing tactics are sometimes hard to digest let alone comprehend. Have you experienced a digital marketing person try and sell you their services by throwing a whole bunch of acronyms and marketing mumbo jumbo at you that leaves you feeling pretty confused and overwhelmed?

It’s happened to me too! Not with digital marketing as such, but with another business owner giving me the ‘hard sell’ on participating in their sales workshop by using the same approach they teach. Unfortunately for them, I picked up on their tactics and right away knew this wasn’t for me – sadly I left the meeting with a really sour taste in my mouth! 

We believe our clients should feel empowered. We want nothing more than for our clients to understand where their money is going and what their reports mean. We coach every single client in the services we provide them with so they are confident in understanding what we are doing and can collaborate with us. Client collaboration is key for us! We do not take on any clients that don’t want to know what is going on. That is part of our values – we want you to be educated and aware of the work we are doing. 

So can you add value to your customers online? 

You can add value by defining what makes your product different, and why this means that your audience can’t get the same from anyone else. Marketing can help you add value by developing a brand, with messages and imagery that run through all of your marketing. Use your honest values to build trust with your audience by giving back. . . this could be through education or ‘tips’. 

We all know we ‘should’ do digital marketing, but sometimes we question the value of it. When our hard earned cash is being spent we need to understand how marketing can add value to our products and services.

People/potential clients that see your marketing efforts need to understand what you’re offering, what problem you will solve for them and how it can benefit them.

If you’d like to know more about digital marketing and how the Viewpoint Digital Media team work with out clients to achieve great results, give us a call on 0432 049 330 or contact us online today.