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The team at Viewpoint Digital Media on the Bellarine Peninsula believe there are many reasons why scheduling your social media posts is important. While social media never sleeps it’s important that you do! So what is scheduling on social media? Well, it’s the act of scheduling your posts to be posted at a particular time or date on your specified social media accounts whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter with a caption drafted so all you need to do is click schedule!


The benefit of having a social media schedule is the consistency you can create by planning what will be scheduled on each day weeks or months in advance. This helps with the aesthetics and flow #itsallabouttheflow of your page especially on Instagram for example, you can see what posts look the best next to each other, breaking up and quotes or text tiles. By having this in place you are providing more intentional posts that aren’t rushed and thought of on the spot just so you have posted something. It also helps when posting regularly each week for you to encourage engagement and brand awareness via capturing your audience


Not only is consistency important but having a schedule means that you can give yourself a break if you are organised and spend more time working on creating interesting content for your followers. It’s a win win if you ask us! Being active without physically being online can really benefit businesses. There are many apps on your phone that can get you started with scheduling your posts including: Buffer, Later, Hootsuite and UNUM to name a few. They are great for planning social media posts to work on the aesthetics and drafting captions. 

However, if you are wanting automated posts that have a well thought-out strategy that means you do not have to worry about writing captions, finding the time to post it, then talk to the team at Viewpoint Digital Media in Ocean Grove as we can take the hassle away and do it all for you!

Please reach out and call Dominique on 0432 049 330 to discuss your requirements.