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What is a BLOG?

B.L.O.G, it’s a bit like B.L.A.T (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato) but not…

When a client comes to see us at Viewpoint Digital Media in Ocean Grove, they often ask for tips and ideas on how to grow their organic reach in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). I respond by saying, ‘The only way to Google’s heart is through its stomach.’ 

The client looks at me with a ‘did I hear you correctly?’ expression on their face. I explain, ‘we need to feed Google with new keyword-rich content so it can crawl it and rank your site in a Google search’. This is followed by an ‘a. . .ha’ moment.  

The easiest way to feed the beast is through blogs. But, post ideas can seem like a struggle, especially when it feels like blogs have covered just about every topic under the sun. 

So, how do you write fresh, interesting, and search engine optimised content your audience actually wants to read?

If you’re tired of wracking your brain, don’t worry. As always, our team of digital marketing experts along the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast are here to hold your hand and guide you. We have put our heads together to come up with a few ideas that you could use: 

1/ Ask your audience what they’re interested in reading about or learning. Not only are you then certain to come up with topics they are interested in, but they’ll likely be topics they search for, too.

2/ Use Google’s auto-completing feature to generate topics you might not have thought of before. This is where you start typing into the search bar and Google tries to finish your sentence. 

3/ Sometimes a little competitor research will result in some “Why didn’t I think of that?” blog post ideas. That’s because – even if you’d hate to admit it – sometimes your competitors come up with some pretty good blog post topics and ideas. Just be sure not to copy their blog! 

4/ If you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you are likely to understand the process of researching keywords that are related to your focus topic. Keyword research tools will generate a list of related keywords, that you can then turn into possible blog post ideas.

5/ Another built-in Google feature that’s helpful when coming up with blog post ideas is the People Also Ask section. Try turning these questions into a blog post or an FAQ section or even by answering the question within the text.

6/ Pinterest is more of a search engine than it is a social media platform, which makes it an amazing tool for finding creating blog post ideas. Discover what other brands are posting about to think of some smart blog post ideas of your own.

7/ If you want to prove that you don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk, it’s worth it to put together some awesome case studies for your business blog.

In reality, there are near-endless ideas and even when it feels like most topics have been covered before – you can always put your own spin on things!

Have fun with it and see what you can come up with. Our team at Viewpoint Digital Media who are locals to the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast are always ready to help. 

Please reach out and call Dominique on 0432 049 330 to discuss your requirements.