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I said Focus!

Are you awash with Insta envy, confused by filters and desperate to take photos on your phone that make you feel good (& make you look like you know what you’re doing)? The team at Viewpoint Digital Marketing local to Geelong, want to help you find your shutter groove and show you how to create quality pics to boost your digital marketing resources.   

At Viewpoint Digital Media we are firm believers in the notion that ‘content is King’ (or Queen – however you’d like to phrase it😉) and in the world of digital marketing this starts with great imagery. (Brilliantly written, value adding content is just as important too – but we’ll talk about that another day!)  

Take these photo-taking tips below onboard and you’ll be capturing award worthy shots in no time! 

Keep it clean!  

It might seem obvious but starting with a clean lens on your mobile phone camera is key! Check out your phone cover right now – needs a clean right? No doubt your camera lens will too. If your photos are blurry or smudged it might be due to a dirty lense. Use a glasses cloth, clean cloth or tissue (or your shirt if your desperate!) and give the lens a quick wipe.  

Set it up right 

Check your settings – always go High Res. The higher the resolution setting on your phone the higher the quality of your photo you’ll end up with. iPhones automatically take photos and video at their maximum resolutions and allow you to share/send them with lower resolution options. 

Android users can adjust their resolution whenever they like via the ‘gear’ icon in the camera app. Look for the option that says picture size and set the camera to the highest option i.e. 4:3 (12mp) – this means a 4×3 aspect ratio and a 12-megapixel photo. 

Go au naturale and put the flash away – Turn off the auto flash setting on your phone. Avoid using the internal flash whenever possible as they can be quite harsh and can ruin rather than enhance a shot. Open the curtains and make use of natural light in any room or go outside and enjoy all the beauty that Geelong and the Bellarine have to offer.  

The 3 C’s – Composition, Composition, Composition  

If you are taking photos to use in digital marketing campaigns or just for your own social media accounts for the world to see, you want to make sure no one head’s cut off or you’re too far away from your subject to see what’s going on. Remember these key three composition tips: 

  1. The rule of thirds – this fundamental photography and videography principle. It is all about  positioning the most important elements of the photo off-centre to create a balanced and visually appealing composition.  
  2. Enable gridlines – Gridlines are useful in employing the rule of thirds as it divides your screen into 9 quadrants – 3 horizontal x 3 vertical. The most important elements in your shot should be placed along the gridlines or at the points where they intersect. Gridlines help to keep the horizon level for landscape shots and help to keep lines straight or level in building shots. Gridlines should always be enabled. 
  3. Framing – If taking a portrait shot of a single person or group, follow the rule of thirds as above. Consider how much of your subject you need to include in the shot. For example, a photo of a person from the torso up may be more appropriate in making them a focus when compared to a photo of the entire person. This will help to draw focus to the person’s face. Likewise, for a group shot, it is generally safe to frame the shot so that your subjects fill the width of the shot with little to no space either-side unless you need to show something specific in the background. The important thing is to ensure that your subject is filling the screen.    

Focus on your subject  

Once you have your shot composed or framed, you need to ensure that the focus on your subject is sharp and the image is correctly exposed (bright enough). Focusing using a smartphone (either iPhone or android) is very straight forward. Simply tap on the point which you want to focus on. For a portrait, this would be your subject’s face or more specifically, their eyes. Once you have set your focus, you may need to adjust your exposure level on your phone – if it looks over-exposed (too bright) or under-exposed (too dark) adjust accordingly.  

And that’s it! 

Focusing (pardon the pun) on these four key areas might seem a tad overwhelming at first but with a little practise they will become second nature in no time, and you’ll be taking shots like a pro! 

For more top tips and great local digital marketing advice and service – get in touch with the team at Viewpoint Digital Marketing in Ocean Grove. We’ve got all your digital needs covered from building your digital marketing strategy, to web design, content writing, photography/videography, search engine optimisation, paid ads and social media management and more.

Give us a call on 0432 049 330 or drop into our Ocean Grove studio to start a conversation over a cuppa!