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Understanding the friendship between Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing

At Viewpoint Digital Media in Ocean Grove, we find many people approach SEO, PPC and SMM as completely separate strategies. And while they are different in many ways, it can be helpful to think of these as being on the same team. There are many ways in which SEO, PPC and SMM efforts complement each other, and lead to a more successful digital marketing strategy. 

Firstly, for those of you not super familiar – I would like to introduce you to our main digital marketing techniques:
> SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimisation. This is the backbone to all digital marketing techniques. You can think of it as your ‘bestie’ who will support you as long as you encourage them, nurture them and show them love. 
> PPC – also known as Pay Per Click or Google Ads and Bings Ads. This is the most popular kid at school that will only be your friend if you pay them. They get you invited to the party. 
> SMM – or Social Media Marketing. The friends you didn’t you know you had. These friends (your audience) want to be educated, inspired, they want to be wow’d, they want to tell others about you, they want to know you, they want what you have. 

How do they work together? 

Like all great friendships, they support each other, they back each other. If you are not on search result page 1 yet, that mate you paid will support you. The friends you didn’t know you had, love reading, conversing and sharing content from your website and are hungry for more.

Consider these five points that make a coordinated SEO, PPC and SMM strategy greater than acting alone: 

1/ Visibility – By utilising both paid ads and SEO you are taking up more space within an online search giving you more real estate and authority. 

2/ Share keyword data – Simultaneously running organic, PPC and social media campaigns gives you double the data to analyse.

3/ Use best performing PPC ad copy to inform your organic content and social media strategy – What works for PPC often works for SEO. By determining which PPC ads result in the most conversions, you’ll have a good idea how to create title tags, meta descriptions and page content for the pages that you want to rank organically. The ad copy should also be considered for social media paid ads.

4/ Brand awareness – Having a thorough digital marketing strategy which includes these three techniques and keeping the message consistent along with the branding, there is no doubt that people will be aware of your brand!

5/ Reach – Naturally covering all bases is going to reach further. But, it is crucial that you stay up to date with newest algorithms so you can continue to thrive and reach your audience in the intended way. 

As an example, our local to Geelong digital marketing agency have a dental client who initially came to us with no digital marketing strategy for the 2 years they were opened. As you can expect, they found they were not growing in new patient numbers. 

Our VDM team spent time learning their dental business and their industry and created them a whizz bang digital marketing strategy. We implemented the ‘BESTIE’ (SEO), invested in the ‘MATE YOU PAID’ (PPC) and made ourselves some ‘FRIENDS’ using social media (SMM). 

From implementing these friendly techniques, overtime we have been able to bring consistent growth to the website which we track via Google analytics – think helicopter parent that never let’s you out of their sight. 

Below is a 4 month graph – Jan till April 2019 comparing the previous 4 month period. 

This period saw a 47.67% growth in website visits using the 3 techniques. We’ve had this client for now 6 years and as you can see they are consistently growing each and every month. Pretty sweet! 

We hope this has helped you understand how each technique can work to benefit your business and digital marketing strategy. You don’t need to do it alone, the team at Viewpoint Digital Media along the Bellarine is here to help!

Please reach out to Dominique on 0432049330 or [email protected] Viewpoint Digital Media, Ocean Grove – servicing Australia-wide.