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What’s a Digital Marketing Strategy anyway??


You may already be aware that your business should have a Digital Marketing Strategy in place, but our team at Viewpoint Digital Media in Ocean Grove are going to dive a little deeper into the 3 W’s… WHAT, WHY and WOOHOO…

Let’s start with, WHAT the heck is a Digital Marketing Strategy anyway?? 

A Digital Marketing Strategy includes the use of any digital media including a website, email, online content, social media, paid ads etc. to market your products or services in a way that reaches your target audience, as well as increases leads and generate sales / bookings. Or, the dictionary definition sums it up:

‘a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.’ 

Some of you may be thinking, but “WHY do I need it? I have winged it this far…” 

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret, by having a strategy in place you are in more control which allows you to make more educated decisions for your business as well as budget to reach your end goal more efficiently. Planning is key!

Right, it’s time to take that dive and get started. A great Digital Marketing Strategy should begin with your goals. Ask yourself the following 5 questions and write them down: 

1/ What is it you want from your digital marketing?

2/ What’s your message(s)? What are you trying to say, what do you want your audience to know? What’s so great about you and what you do?

3/ What are the goals? Be clear. In 12 months time what results do you need to see for the strategy to be successful?

Without defining your goals there is no way you can put together the actions and implementations to get you there.

Getting out it all of your head and onto paper is so refreshing isn’t it?! Okay, next..? 

4/ Who is your target market? Following on from your goals you need to define your target market. These are the people you want to engage with. You need to know who you are going to speak with so you can get the right tone of voice, and to understand the best ways to reach your audience. 

5/ Where are they? It is also very important to understand where you audience hangs out – this will determine where your energy should be focussed.  Now write down where if your target market hangs out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, searching Google, watching videos on youTube etc.

WOOHOO! The hardest bit is done!

You are now in a great place to start piecing together the rest of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Here’s another little list that can help tie the strategy together:

1/ Assign a budget (including monthly paid advertising)

2/ Decide what reporting/analytics methods will you use?

3/ Schedule a calendar of social content. Decide what software will you use (Hootsuit etc)?

4/ Review as you go. How will you track your leads or conversions so you can actually build a successful plan? 

Hopefully this has helped to get you started on building out a Digital Marketing Strategy that will work for your business. The more grunt work you put in at the planning stage, the better the results will be. Always remember to review your plan periodically as your audience changes along with the world of digital. 

If you are reading this and it feels overwhelming, our team of digital experts based along the Bellarine Peninsula are here to help. We offer one-hour digital marketing strategy sessions for $99 which includes a lengthy report for you to take away and put into action or be guided by us.
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