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Social Media Planning

Posting on social media and nailing it!

Planning is key

Are you desperately trying to take amazing photos AND find time to come up with a clever and witty post for your social pages? Planning is key! But here are some more quick tips to help you nail it!

A common (and understandable) mistake many people make when launching into social media is to only post content that promotes sales and offers. Old school marketing was all – sell, sell, sell! But things have changed, now we focus our marketing efforts on engaging with our audience, building trust and being community minded.

There’s always a time and place for old school sales and promotion marketing, but don’t limit yourself. Consider broadening your horizons and thinking outside the box. This will make your content more appealing to your audience and make your life easier when it comes to coming up with new content ideas.

Here are some ‘outside the box’ content options to consider:

Same same – but different
It’s a pretty likely that if someone is following you, they’re interested in the products and/or services you offer. That would also mean they are most likely interested in products, services and other industries that are relevant to you. Say you’re a surfboard maker, you could post about up-coming events on the world surfing tour or on where the big swells are predicted for this weekend – these are topics that will most likely be of interest to your audience too and by posting a message like this you are viewed in a positive regard.

Share some tips and tricks
Everyone wants to know a short cut or easier way to do things. Add value to your conversations by sharing content that will make your customers’ lives easier. (Bonus points for tips and tricks that help them use your products or services!)

Get involved – be responsive

Not every post has to come from your own original idea, you can bounce off the ideas that other people are already posting. Meaningful customer engagement is the key to social media algorithm’s layout. So, get involved, as well as replying to comments on your own posts, look for chats and posts that are relevant to your brand and add your two cents worth. (This is also a good way to get your account and brand more visibility.)

Share the love
If you do cool stuff outside of your day to day business – like volunteer work in your community, sponsor public events, go nuts with the office Christmas decorations, or host morning teas to raise funds for charities – don’t be shy about sharing it in your socials! Giving an insight into the people and culture behind your business name goes a long way to building trust, and a loyal following for your brand.

We’re Hiring
Social channels can be an awesome pond to cast your line into when looking for new talent to join your team. Job seekers are increasingly using social media as a way of learning about companies they love and dream job opportunities.

Before you start your stand-up routine, take a minute to think, is humour going to work for my brand/industry??? If you’re a funeral director maybe not, but if humour forms part of your brand personality go for it! BUT double check before you post anything ‘funny’ to ensure it’s not going to offend or upset anyone – test it out on a few friends or colleagues and if in doubt – throw it out! Lame jokes are almost as bad as offensive ones – so be sure you get a giggle before you post it!

Snap Snap
Share more than one image within your post as this encourages users to swipe or ‘enagage’ with your post. This boost in engagement helps the algorithms within the social media world – and this is a good thing!

Keep these little tips in mind when you are planning next months’ posts and you’ll nail it!

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